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Freelance Designer

I had the opportunity to work with Eastside in developing two series graphics to accompany their weekend messages. The first one pictured is a reoccurring series called "At The Movies," and the following was a new concept called "Storyteller." This included the creation of graphics for social media, invite cards, table toppers, and various staging elements.


Freelance Designer

I worked with Seacoast Grace Church in a similar fashion to create graphics for their 4 week class called "Basics." It involved the same types of graphics used for a regular weekend series, with the inclusion of a workbook that accompanied the class. 


Freelance Designer

For this project, I worked with an organic cosmetics designer to create a logo and sticker labels for her upcoming line of lip products. 


Freelance Designer/Illustrator

At Flameless Decor, I worked directly with the owner of the company to develop translucent wraps for flameless candles. This included creating wraps from scratch and modifying existing designs to fit in this format. Along with designing the wraps, I composited the product photos, illustrated the packaging directions, and set up the website store through Shopify. 


Freelance Illustrator/Designer

In my first experience illustrating a children's book, Henry the Hound Knocks Grandma Down, I worked closely with the writer to develop this from concept to reality. It began with style sketches and story boarding, and eventually progressed into a 8 x 8" full color, 20 page children's book that is currently in the process of being printed. 


Freelance Illustrator/Designer

From my time at CSUF until the present day, I have been taking on various freelance projects. I enjoy the variety of work, collaborating with ambitious people, and sharpening my design skills through creative endeavors.